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Hey Fatso what chu playin?

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

well. The ol’xbox red ringed so no 360 games.

On the PS2 side i’ve been running laps on Gran Turismo 4, and Tourist Trophy (the motorcycle racing game based on Gran Turismo). Also, I’ve been jumping back into the Grand Theft Autos… San Andreas and Liberty City Stories.

On the portable tip, DS is quiet, but the PSP is bumpin. First and foremost, Gran Turismo is fun, but nothing amazing. A mix between arcade and career mode, no tournaments, no series, no prize cars, no licenses (a good thing)  and only a certain number of cars can be tuned at the same time (super weak sauce). Next up is Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars… wow, pretty good, i like it a little bit more than the DS version, although theres still a few things that they ported over from the DS thats still a little wonky without the stylus. the graphics are better, sharper, and also adds some lighting effects. Lets face it, the PSP has a big beautiful screen and pretty powerful under the hood, just seems like it has a bunch of crap games.

First Impressions: Gran Turismo PSP

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

If you read previous posts, you know i’m a GT fan. So, i was stoked to get a hold of this long-awaited PSP version.


  • Tons of cars
  • Tons of courses, all the old courses are there, and tons of the newer GT4 courses as well.
  • Its got the usual GT physics, on par with GT4.
  • Quick pick up and play set up. No long races or tournaments that keep you glued to your system.
  • Every race is custom, depending on what car you choose, so you always have competition as well as a diverse set of opponents.


  • Only certain brands of cars are available depending on what day it is in the games world. So one day its honda, suzuki, jaguar and audi… and something else the next day.
  • No performance upgrades. WEAKSAUCE!!!!!
  • Very limited tuning options available, no tunable transmissions! DOUBLE WEAK!!
  • No practice mode to allow you do endless practice laps around the tracks.
  • Physics engine still bounces you off walls.
  • No damage, so you tend to play a lil rougher when it comes to passing.

Overall its pretty good, but would only pass as a 50/50 mix between arcade and career mode if it was on a console… Career lite as i would say. There’s no ‘Cups’ or series, like the other GT’s, so you never win a prize car, or championship money.

All bitching aside, the racing is the solid GT racing I know and love. The cars look great, the game runs smooth, and all my old friends are there… Tsukuba, Autumn Ring, Laguna Seca. I like how you can just buy whatever car you want, and immediately race it. There’s no tuning, no upgrades or shakedown runs to do, which helps with the quick play style of the game.

If your into GT, get it, love it. If your kinda on the fence with racing games, stick the big brother versions on the consoles… GT on Playstation, Forza on XBox.

hey fatso whatcha playin?

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Oh man, its a big list, so get ready. Most games get played for a good 15-30 min session, sometimes more.

so here we go…

Xbox 360
Shadow Complex
– damn good game, gives me hope for the next generation of MetroVanias (metroid/castlevania style games).
Some Gears/Halo/Left 4 dead with the friends.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom (japanese version)
– really fun to play. if you played any of the street fighter games, this is right up your alley. theres been a few other ‘VS’ games, like Marvel vs Capcom, X-Men vs Street Fighter.. so on so forth. But this one is a little different, It was designed for the Wii, now i don’t mean its full of waggle, instead, it was designed to work good with either the WiiMote turned on its side, or the classic controller (my favorite current generation controller). The caveat is you don’t have 6 buttons for attacks, 3 punch, 3 kick. Instead now you have 3 attack buttons, and a special button (not sure what it is for the WiiMote, 1 less button than the classic controller). Also, its a tad bit more accessible and forgiving for teh newbs, but still challenging as all hell for vets.

Okami – visually stunning, and not to too hard. You want to push forward just to see how the environments change after you go in and spiritually kick some ass.

Mario Sunshine
– it never seemed to get too much attention when it came out, but its is a truly solid 3D Mario game. This one is the missing link between Mario 64 and Galaxy. I was a lil sketch about the water pack concept, but it was implemented pretty well. as you play through a little, there are levels you do without the pack, which are some of my favorites.

Ikaruga – i’ve been trying to get better at shooters, and this one is the mother of all shooters. It kind of belongs to a sub genre called ‘bullet hells’ and if you watch the video below, you’ll understand why.

So, if you watched it you probably noticed that you are kind of allowed to get hit. This game uses a really cool ‘polarity’ concept in the game play. Your enemies come in and attack in two colors, black or white. You can change you ships polarity on the fly, if your white, you can absorb white shots and the same goes for black. When you absorb shots, they get banked away for a homing missile attack you have. Now for shooting, your shots are twice as powerful if its hitting an opposite colored enemy.
So, not only are you dodging bullets, but your also switching up your color so you can absorb the shots you cant dodge, all the while holding down the shot button.

PlayStation 2
Grand Theft Auto (San Andreas, Vice City)
– Man do i miss these games, just replaying them for fun, and for lols. Its all the side stuff i like to do. Buy up all the properties, store rad cars in all the garages, one sports car, one tough car, so no matter where i am, i have access to an acceptable means of transport. shit, in San Andreas i have a couple fully tricked out low riders to roll around in. Pro tip – install hydralics on a sports car… makes jumping and stunting sooooo much fun.

Shadow of the Colossus – An amazing game composed of just boss battles, but not just any bosses, these guys are gigantic! check it out…

thats one of my favorite colossi so far. Others are flying, but not sure if some swim too… we’ll see. You dont have much to get in the way of the gameplay, you have a horse, sword and bow, thats it, no armor, no health, no shields…. just the basics. you have to find the colossi (with the aid of your sword) and then figure out a way to climb up on it, and stab its weak points to take it out. This game really pushes the PS2 power, slowdowns do happen during boss battles.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (ds)
– all the fun of modern GTAs, in its oldschool, pre 3D top down style.

Cave Story (PSP port) – its free to download on PC/Mac, and a graphically updated version is coming out soon for the Wii. But, i’ve been playing this on the PSP, which is a pretty damn good platform for it. Its a metroVania style game with lots of style, and a good story.

River City Ransom (NES) – just a fun brawler with some RPG character building features, think old school castle crashers.
R-Type 3 (SNES) – one of the games i started to playing to help get my shooter/bullet dodging skills up.

Thats it. How about you?