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LOST : impressions + crackpot theories : Sundown

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

So unfortunately I haven’t had as much time to devote to LOST this week (you know, finals and all), so here are some of my impressions, thoughts, and crackpot theories on the Sundown episode.  SPOILERS ahead.


– LOST has used the reoccurring color theme of black and white throughout all 6 seasons.  In the episode Sundown, Sayid’s main color themes are purple and yellow.  Purple is often associated with royalty and nobility but in Christianity it is often used during the Lenten season to symbolize pain, suffering, and torture.  Yellow on the other hand is often used to symbolize friendship.

– Sayid accuses Dogen of sticking him with needles, which is the same accusation Claire made of the Others.

– In both realities, Sayid is pressured to cause harm to someone on the behalf of someone else, however in the alternate reality Nadia begs Sayid not to.

– According to Dogen, Sayid has to prove that there is good left in his soul by doing something bad.

– When the Smoke Monster appears to Sayid, his non-human form is wind instead of his traditional smoke form.

– Dogen instructs Sayid to kill Man in Locke before he can even say anything or else it will be too late.  Before Sayid has a chance to stab Man in Locke, Man in Locke says “Hi, Sayid”.

– The story of Dogen and his son is another example of the “father issues” that we see among the male characters in LOST.

– Dogen describes to Sayid the bargain that he made with Jacob to keep his son alive.  Man in Locke offers Sayid a similar bargain if he can carry out his bidding.

– It seems that everyone (and not just Jack) on the island was in some way broken and in need of being fixed.

crackpot theories

– Jacob approached most of the Losties and Others at vulnerable times in their life.  He directly propositioned Dogen to come to the island to protect  it in exchange for keeping his son alive.  The consequence, however, would be that Dogen would never get to see his son again.

– Man in Locke is making similar propositions to the Losties and Others (although more forcefully) by promising to give them everything they ever need in exchange for their loyalty.

– The 2 Losties whose lives still appear troublesome and painful so far are Sayid and Kate.  Both Sayid and Kate were on the side of Man in Locke at the end of the show.

– Man in Locke told Richard in a previous episode that it was “nice to see him out of chains”, maybe Richard is an indentured servant to Jacob in exchange for his freedom.

– The 2 Losties exempt from the chaos at the Temple thus far are Jack and Hurley.  Jack’s last name is Shepherd and Hurley’s is Reyes, which means King in Spanish.  Perhaps both of them have some elevated status above the other Losties.

– I think that ultimately the Losties are going to have to buy into Man in Black in order to make their alternate realities come true.  However, as most sneaky bargains go, they are disillusioned into believing they will get what they want but in the end the compromise of their reality will be bitter sweet, as was Sayid’s.

Okay, that’s all I got for this week!