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so this is what the other side is like.

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

i finally got a PS3.

The chances of that happening looked pretty bleak for a while. When the system first came out, it was too expensive and there wasn’t anything i wanted to play that i couldn’t already play on my 360.

But, things have changed. The price went down, and the hard drive sizes went up. The huge change though was PS exclusive games that i actually want to play. Little Big Planet, Katamari Forever, Flower, the Last Guy, WipeOut HD, and Modnation Racers.

Before i get into my experience so far, let me make a few statements. I have an Xbox 360 and Wii, so put your fanboy torch away. Most of the comparisons i’m going to make are going to be with the 360, since, lets face it, the Wii is just a Gamecube with waggle.

and away we go…

Graphics – Its not that they are too far off from the 360. But, it seems the PS3 can handle more objects/particles on screen at once. WipeOut HD looks better, in-game, than the opening cinematics of any of the PS2 version of the game, its amazing.

Independence from proprietary hardware – You can open it up, and upgrade the hard drive, there’s even instructions in the manual on how to do it. You can charge the controls by plugging it into the system with a simple USB cable. You could never do either of those with a 360. You have to buy a special cable and battery pack to charge your controller from the system. You have to spend $150 (at time of writing) to upgrade to a measly 120gb hard drive (the hard drive alone can be purchased for $30-$40). From what i’ve read you could also use a regular bluetooth headset with it, but i haven’t tried it out, so i dunno.

Updates, always with the updates
– I got the system home, set it up, and turned it on. What was i greeted with? an update. an update that took 45-50 minutes to download. After i downloaded that, i decided to try out Little Big Planet. Another Update, another 30-40 minutes of downloading before i can even play it.

Sixaxis – I’m pretty whatever about the whole ‘waggle’ thing that the Wii forces on you. So when PS3 decided to add that, i was also, not impressed nor looking forward to it. But having played a few games, i love how most don’t even use it, or if they do its optional or just for the lols.

PSN download speeds – Yes, i know its free, i shouldn’t complain. But damn, i’ll pay $50 a year to get some of that download speed that Xbox Live has. Part of what made downloading all the updates, demos, and games such a pain was how slow they downloaded (~2-3mb a minute – most updates were 100-120mb, 1 game was 1.2gb). Some downloads you can set up to download in the background. But when its an update for a game you about to play, you can’t set it up in the background. You just have to sit there… and wait…. and wait…. and turn your 360 on and play something else for 40 minutes.

Demos and Purchased Games – Lets say i download the demo for a game you can purchase off of the PSN store. You download it, play it, and decide “hey i like this and want to play more.” So you go to the PSN store, buy it, and then you have to download the WHOLE thing again, except this is the entire game, and since its PSN its uffing slow. On Xbox Live, you download the whole game, and if you buy it, all you download is a ‘key’ that’s roughly 100kb in size, a quick download and your up and running.

By the way what have i played?

Metal Gear Solid: stupid long title
– sucked, i dunno, just not into the whole Metal Gear thing. Each one that comes out seem to keep piling empty crap upon empty crap. until you dont know whats what or what going on. NEXT!

Killzone 2 – Controls are wonky, checkpoints/objectives were vague, and the controls suck. Its the same old Killzone from PS2 with shiny graphics. Boo! … oh and the controls are fucking wack!!!! who uses R1 to shoot a gun when you have a FUCKING TRIGGER right under it!!!

Motorstorm Pacific Rift – pretty cool, nothing amazing, liked the multiple paths available, but all the vehicles handled weird.

Katamari Forever – pretty cool, only two levels, and lets face it, its Katamari so it can’t be bad.

Fat Princess – i dont get it.

Full Games
Little Big Planet
– fun. i like the creative aspect of it. Only problem is with how basic your movements are in the game. You got run, jump, and hold. You can grab on to certain types of object, and drag them around. But if you holding onto something, you can’t jump off of it, or climb up it. You just let go, and hope your momentum is enough to get you to where you want to go. Now, if the characters moved like they do in N+ that would be insane… Little Big Planet: hyper edition.

The Last Guy – old school game play with a modern twist. You play as the ‘last guy’ who runs around an area of a city, shepherding survivors back to the rescue zone, while avoiding all kinds of bad things. Its fun, and the pseudo-satellite image look of the levels is really cool.

WipeOut HD – the good old wipeout you know and love, with better graphics, more ships, and more tracks. whats not to love?

Noby Noby Boy – just weird pointless fun.

so, conclusion time. I like it, but the 360 is still my ‘main’ system, but the PS3 is very close in the running, i just need something to play.