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LOST : 1st impressions : Lighthouse




Here are my initial reactions and thoughts to last night’s episode”Lighthouse”.

– In the alternate reality, Jack has a son named David.

– David’s mom is not introduced to us, but is no longer with Jack.

– David has blue eyes and freckles – Could Kate be his mom?

– David is reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

– Jack read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Aaron.

– On the island, Jacob uses the phrase “You’ve  got what it takes” to lure Jack into his plan.

– In the alternate reality, Jack tells David “I guess I wasn’t cut out for it.”

– David’s mother’s address is 233 – Jack’s number in the cave was 23.

– Jack finds the key to David’s mother’s house under a ceramic rabbit, similar to how the white   rabbit guided Alice to a key in Adventures in Wonderland.

– In the alternate reality, Jack doesn’t drink.

– On the island, Jack alludes that drinking (and other things) lead him back to the island to be fixed.

– Jacob has instructed Jack and Hurley to turn the dial to 108.  “Lighthouse” mark’s the 108th episode of LOST.

– The dial in the Lighthouse looks similar to the one used by Eloise Hawking at the Lampost Dharma station.

– David plays the same recital piece that Daniel Faraday played.

– The Other that is present in Jack’s new alternate reality is Dogen.

– Through the Looking Glass explores alternate realities and timelines on the other side of a mirror, and the mirror in the Lighthouse reflects past realities through images of the Oceanic 6’s past.


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