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as i mentioned in an earlier post, i finally started to play Ikaruga. I’ve been reluctant about playing the game since, until yesterday, the only version i was able to get a hold of was the Xbox Live Arcade version.

So why not play that one? for that sort of game, i dont like using the xbox 360 control, something about the d-pad, and its ‘not good’-ness. But then, i found out it came out for the gamecube. I waited for it to come from gamefly and gave it a run.

Perfect. the controls were spot on… now i can start getting into this game, and see about finding a copy of my own, since the one from gameFly was not available for purchase. Sounds easy enough, fired up an internet search. Wow, on amazon new copies were going for over $100, used as low as $40. Then i started a search of all the local stores, avoiding gameStop. Nothing, either they’ve never heard of the game, or knew about its rarity. About ready to give up, i called a local GameStop. The guy answered, i asked, he said “No.” shocker. then, he said “but the store in alhambra has copy.”

No Way. All this time, a city away. I swooped down, scooped it up. its mine.

its not easy, i’ve only been able to make it to chapter 2, and as you can see in the video below, it gets pretty nuts.

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