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Adventures in RC – My first plane

You gotta start somewhere right?

I decided that when I started getting into RC that it will probably be a good idea to go the cheap route in case it wasn’t for me. Instead of getting a plane first I picked a simulator where I can get the fundamentals with out all the crashed plane hassle.

I spent hours in Real Flight 6.5. Totaling in thousands of dollars of destroyed virtual planes. Trainers? Crashed em. 3D? Crashed em. Helicopters? Woo boy did I crash the shit out of those, and don’t even get me started in quadrotors.

After I had the basics down, and did some research, I picked up my first plane, a GWS Slow Stick. Why that one? First, its a three channel that you can convert to 4 later if you wanted. Second, the construction of it was so simple – a stick for a fuselage and the wings/control surfaces were foam with some plastic bits holding it all together. When I inevitably crash it and bust up the wing its a simple fix, as opposed to having to rebuild the structure and recover it with film.

Another big plus was its slow flight and light weight meant I can fly it at local parks/empty sports fields. Since I live in the LA area open space is a premium. There’s a couple RC flight fields near me, but require an expensive AMA membership on top of dues for the organization maintaining the field. I’m going to wait until I have larger/faster planes to sign up for membership.

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