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Adventures in RC

I recently started to get into RC. I had started to mess with Legos, mostly Technics – the Lego’s that don’t quite look like Lego’s – gears, axels, beams and what not.

But pretty quickly I realized the limitations of Lego. Not in that you can’t build anything with them, but its really difficult to build something precise and accurate. One of my first devices was a rotating camera mount for time lapse. Turns out there’s quite a bit of play between the teeth of gears which meant the camera only rotated every 3rd try.

Then I tried making an rc car with legos, and the other hurdle reared its head: you never have enough of or the right Lego pieces. I had spent quite a bit picking up certain sets just to get the parts i needed, but when putting together whatever I was making I was always a couple pieces short of being able to make what I wanted.

That also brought another problem to light: Lego’s are fucking expensive. I understand why they are and I’m not complaining, but when I can build a working flying quadcopter for less than a Lego set that doesn’t do anything but open/close doors with simple gears the answer is clear.

So here I am a few months later, Lego’s are now on eBay looking for a loving home and I have a couple to rc models to tinker with and I couldn’t be happier. There’s a certain joy from putting something together and being able to use it, break it and put it back together again.

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