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LOST : impressions + crackpot theories : Ab Aeterno

Ahhhh, what can I say that practically everyone else already has?  This was definitely one of the best episodes of LOST overall, most definitely my favorite one this season.  Thoughts and crackpot theories ahead, spoilers!!!


– When Jacob goes to see Illana, he’s wearing all black.

– Illana says she is there to protect the candidates who seem to be Jack, Hurley, Sun, and possible Frank.

– When Illana asks Richard what to do, his reply to her and the others is that they’re all dead and in hell.  He says that “none of this is what it seems”.

– Richard’s backstory/flashback takes place on the Canary Islands in 1867.  There is a legend in the Canary Islands that an eighth, mysterious island existed named, St. Brendan’s Island.  Although many people sought to find the island, including Columbus, only a handful of accounts exist of anyone having visited it.  Most of the accounts include having found it by accident in a storm.

– Richard says he is going to save his wife.

– The medicine that will save is her is white.

– The priest who visits Richard in jail says that he can’t forgive him his sins.  Jacob later tells Richard he can’t forgive them either.

– The priest tells Richard that the devil awaits him in hell.  The next place he visits is the island.

– On the ship, another slave tell Richard when he sees land that he also sees the devil.  He says the island is being guarded by the devil.  What the slave saw was the complete statue of Taweret, goddess of Egyptian childbirth and fertility.  Two noteworthy items about Taweret: 1) She was the wife of Apep, the original god of evil, and the concubine of Set, the god of darkness, storms, and chaos.  Despite her direct associations with evil, she herself was regarded as benevolent.  2) The items in Taweret’s hand are the Sa, the symbol of protection, and an Ankh, the symbol of life which could also be used as a knife to threaten evil spirits.

– The smoke monster intervened before Richard was killed by the captain, and subsequently inspected him, perhaps debating on whether or not to kill him before leaving the ship.

– When the apparition of Isabella appears to Richard, she says that they are both dead and in hell.  She also says the smoke monster is the devil.

– The Man in Black comes to Richard, and when he asks if he’s in hell he says yes to Richard.

– The Man in Black says the only way to escape hell is to kill the devil.  He then proceeds to give him the same dagger and speech that Dogen gave to Sayid, warning him to kill Jacob before he can speak because he’s very convincing.

– The Man in Black says that the devil took his body, and his humanity.

– Jacob speaks before Richard can kill him, the same way Locke spoke before Sayid could kill him.

– Jacob confirms Richard is not dead, but doesn’t confirm that he’s not in hell.

– Jacob dunks Richard into the water 4 times, symbolizing a baptism.

– Jacob says about the remaining Taweret statute where he lives that no one can come in unless he invites them in.

– Jacob says that he brought the ship to the island, as he has done similarly with others, and that once they arrive on the island their past does not matter.

– Jacob elects Richard to mediate between him and the people he brings to the island.

– When Hurley helps Richard to communicate with Isabella, she is the only one who can finally forgive him.

– Jacob tells the Man in Black that as long as he’s alive he isn’t going anywhere.  Furthermore if the Man in Black kills him, someone else will take his place.

– Isabella’s final message to Richard is to stop the Man in Black or else they’re all going to hell.

Crackpot Theories

– The slave next to Richard that the island is guarded by the devil.  Figuratively speaking it’s guarded by Tawaret, the wife of the devil, but literally it’s guarded by Jacob.  Is Jacob really the purely good on the island?

– Richard says he was touched by Jacob.  On the Black Rock, however, he was touched by the Man in Black for a significantly longer time.  Does this represent the good and evil side in all of us?

– Jacob says that on the island, no one’s past matters, and he also indicates that everyone has free will and the capacity to sin and to do good simultaneously.

– We still don’t have the name of the Man in Black.  I think the plot is leaning more towards the idea that the Man in Black and Jacob are one in the same, but merely two versions of each other.  Two sides to the same coin, per se.

Ok that’s all I’ve got for this week, can’t wait for the next episode!


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