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LOST : 1st impressions : Dr. Linus

Here are my first impressions and some thoughts after watching Dr. Linus.  Spoilers ahead.

– In the opening scene of the alternate reality, Ben is lecturing about the island ELBA that Napolean was exiled to.

– Ben remarks that the loss of power is worse than exile and says that Napolean should “just as well have been dead” without his power.

– While the story of Napolean’s struggle with a loss of power parallels Ben’s story, it also closely parallels the story of Man in Locke, who lamented to Sawyer that he had been betrayed and wanted to go home (presumably off island).

– In the alternate reality Locke is referred to as the “substitute”.  On the island the Smoke Monster is a substitute for Locke.

– In the alternate reality Ben is tempted to overthrow the leader (principal), similar to his on-island quest to overthrow the pre-existing powers.

– In the alternate reality the reoccurring theme of father/son issues is presented with Ben’s dad being alive.

– Ben’s father says he wished more for Ben and regrets having left the island.

– In the alternate reality Alex is alive, but she is Ben’s student.

– On the island, Jack and Hurley encounter a distraught Richard who finally explains that his eternal youth is a result of being touched by Jacob.  Richard says that initially he percieved it to be a gift, but now feels it is a curse.

– Richard says he needs to die but can only do so if Jack kills him.

– Richard leads Jack and Hurley to the Black Rock where he looks at his chains.  Man in Locke previously told him it was good to finally see him out of chains.

– Ultimately, Richard is unable to be killed by the dynamite he ignited, similar to how Michael was unable to be killed by a gun or car accident because he had not yet filled his purpose.

– Jack tells Richard they must go back to where they started.  At the end of the show Jack, Richard, and Hurley end up on the beach where the Oceanic Survivors first settled.

– On the island Ben accuses Miles of blackmailing him.  In the alternate reality, Ben uses blackmail in an attempt to take over the principal’s  job.

– In the alternate reality, Ben wants to be hired as the principal’s replacement.  On the island Man in Locke proposes that Ben replace Jacob as the protector of the island, because he and a group are leaving it.

– Man in Locke tells Ben that the island needs protecting.  Previously, Man in Locke told Sawyer that the island didn’t need protection and the illusion that it did was a big joke.

– In the alternate reality, Ben is propositioned with the opportunity to have power at the expense of Alex’s happiness.  However, this time around Ben chooses Alex’s happiness over his chance at leadership.

– Charles Widmore appears in a submarine in the final scene, but is not interested in the people on the beach and proceeds to another location.  Possibly the Hydra station?

– Ilana tells Sun there are 6 candidates left.  At the closing scene there are 7 people other than Ilana on the beach (Richard, Jack, Hurley, Ben, Miles, Frank, Sun).

Ok, that’s all I’ve got so far!  Crackpot theories to follow, although I think my initial crackpot theory that the Losties will have to die to make their alt reality come true might be on track!


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