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Review: The Last Jedi

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

its been a long time since i’ve posted to this blog. every time i go to add a new article, i remember i have this and tell myself i’m going to start posting to it again, but then life happens, and you realize its been over 2 years since you last posted.

but i got things to say, and by golly, i’m going to say them here, mostly because its a lil spoilery and i dont want to unleash a litany of tweets.


overall, i enjoyed it. keep in mind, since the major disappointments known as The Prequels came about i have gone into new Star Wars movies with tempered expectations. ‘Force Awakens’ ended up a pleasant surprise, and ‘The Last Jedi’ also was a fun watch.

notice i’m not calling them amazing, or perfect, or masterpieces. thats for a reason, these are action space operas, they are fun movies to watch, but its not groundbreaking story telling, or amazing cinematography or any other the other elements that make a movie a true work of art.



  • the updated AT-AT’s. very aggressive design, the front two legs have a very gorilla/ape like shape to them, and the wider stouter midsection gave it an air of pit bull.
  • Chewbacca is vegetarian or maybe even vegan.
  • the rei/kylo co-op fight was rad.
  • the supreme leaders chambers looked badass, but i was also thinking there was about to be a musical number or something, it looked like a stage.
  • it was nice seeing yoda bitch slap luke.



  • seriously, they could have removed most of that gambling planet/code breaker bullshit. entirely. just remove benicio, remove any talk of code breaking, the expected double cross, all bullshit. gone.
  • Finn was just kinda wierdly/conveniently popping up in the early parts of the movie, seemed kinda forced.
  • Did Lukes island really need caretakers?┬áhes no longer a hiding hermit.
  • bummed the bombers didnt get more love, most got destroyed.
  • why couldnt they have just been in old snow speeders on planet red velvet cake? i know its not snow, but they can still kick up sick rooster tails with the snow speeders.
  • why did snopes need to be CGI, an reg human actor would have sufficed.
  • it would have been cooler if kylo destroyed his mask at a different point, maybe before/after the co-op fight.
  • when you thought they couldn’t get any bigger than the dreadnaught, here comes the supreme leaders delta wing of doom.
  • the rose/finn thing felt super forced and odd. rei all day every day.



  • Leia’s Mary Poppins move. maybe Guardians of the Galaxy 2 filled my mary poppins quota for 2017, but that shit was kind of dumb. maybe the bridge gets blasted, and everything goes to shit and gets sucked out, but Leia focuses her VERY LITTLE MENTIONED (empire right? “no there is another”?) jedi power and keeps herself planted on the bridge. i can see an argument for her unlocking her jedi power just as shes about to die in the vacuum of space, and she pulls herself back to the ship, but meh.
  • red velvet cake planet looked cool, but really felt like Hoth 2: red velvet boogaloo.
  • purple hair felt a little odd. your on the run from the first order and your like, “hey you know, i think i want purple hair”. it just stuck out and drew attention.
  • i was kind of hoping that the ‘mirror’ scene would have offered some piece of information, but that entire scene went no where.
  • why did the mini death star need to be towed, they couldn’t throw some tracks or tires on it, thought that was dumb.
  • so what happened to ’emperor’ now its ‘supreme leader’?
  • they never really touched on how the rebel forces were being tracked, they made such a big deal of the first orders ability to track them through hyper space – i thought there was going to be a tie in with the little locators that rei and leia had.
  • oh nothing, rei and chewy show up on the millennium falcon out of no where on red velvet cake planet.
  • RIP Admiral Akbar.

overall, it was fun, good. but really kinda felt like an ‘Empire Strikes Back’ remix, very similarly to how ‘Force Awakens’ felt like a remix of ‘A New Hope’.