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LOST : fav recaps and podcasts

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

best recaps:

best week ever : snarky and LOST, my 2 fav combos

jezebel : These ladies are on it. Great analysis of the Chopin piece!

videogum : more LOST, more fun!


jay and jack’s lost podcast : This podcast mainly focuses on listener theories and feedback.  Awesome!

geronimo jack’s beard : Jorge Garcia and his girlfriend host a great podcast that was recorded when he first started filming the final season.  No spoilers, podcasts are based on the script Jorge was given and are posted after the episode airs to provide insight only.

LOST : 1st impressions : Lighthouse

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010



Here are my initial reactions and thoughts to last night’s episode”Lighthouse”.

– In the alternate reality, Jack has a son named David.

– David’s mom is not introduced to us, but is no longer with Jack.

– David has blue eyes and freckles – Could Kate be his mom?

– David is reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

– Jack read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Aaron.

– On the island, Jacob uses the phrase “You’ve  got what it takes” to lure Jack into his plan.

– In the alternate reality, Jack tells David “I guess I wasn’t cut out for it.”

– David’s mother’s address is 233 – Jack’s number in the cave was 23.

– Jack finds the key to David’s mother’s house under a ceramic rabbit, similar to how the white   rabbit guided Alice to a key in Adventures in Wonderland.

– In the alternate reality, Jack doesn’t drink.

– On the island, Jack alludes that drinking (and other things) lead him back to the island to be fixed.

– Jacob has instructed Jack and Hurley to turn the dial to 108.  “Lighthouse” mark’s the 108th episode of LOST.

– The dial in the Lighthouse looks similar to the one used by Eloise Hawking at the Lampost Dharma station.

– David plays the same recital piece that Daniel Faraday played.

– The Other that is present in Jack’s new alternate reality is Dogen.

– Through the Looking Glass explores alternate realities and timelines on the other side of a mirror, and the mirror in the Lighthouse reflects past realities through images of the Oceanic 6’s past.

Hey Fatso, what chu playin? 2.22.10

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

without any further ado… what chu playin.

xbox 360

Darwinia+ – I have been waiting for this to come out, and am so happy it finally has. The name is misleading since its actually two games in one… Darwinia and Multiwinia. I’m not so much a fan of Darwinia, but Multiwinia is incredibly fun. Its a pretty simple RTS (real time strategy) with a few different types of gameplay. Domination has you capturing bases until the other team is gone, or time runs out. Rocket Race has you capturing solar arrays to refuel your rocket, then racing to fill it up before the enemy team destroys your rocket. Capture the Statue is your basic capture the flag, except this time around its a giant statue that requires alot of your soldiers to get back to your scoring area. Theres a few others, including a king of the hill game thats pretty fun to play.
– gotta get some more characters leveled up for the new DLC, as well as finishing up Zombie Island.
Dirt 2 – kinda cool, havent had to much time with it, but it seems to be a solid racer thats not quite simulation, yet no where near arcade status.

Honorable mention: Modern Warefare 2

Playstation 3

Katamari Forever – like the titles says, you’ll be playing this forever, and listening to the soundtrack when your not playing it.

Honorable mentions: Wipeout HD, Noby Noby Boy


The Wii has been infection with the Retro Virus since most Wii games are junk (not all, just most).

Final Fantasy III (VI) (SNES) – I love it, magic, machines. Great.
Super Mario World (SNES) – its there, so, you know, you gotta.

Honorable Mentions: Super Dodgeball (NES), Sonic 1/2/3 (Genesis), River City Ransom (NES)

Batman: Close, but not quite.

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

I got Batman: Arkham Asylum from gameFly a few days ago. I was stoked. It got good reviews, a few friends told me it was on the up and up. I got it, fired it up, played it for a lil while, then stopped.

I came back to it the next day, played it some more, and after that just didn’t have any desire to play it any more. I loved how the hand to hand combat was set up. After a while though, it just turned into “mash X until i see the thunder bolts, then mash Y, and after that go back to mashing X. Oh and wiggle the joystick a lil.”

As you moved through the facility you tended to approach it in a similar manner. heres the process: 1) Walk into facility. 2) Walk down a hall/through a room. 3) find a couple of unarmed bad guys to beat. 4) go into another room which then turns it into a stealth mission. 5) beat the room, explore/examine. 6) leave room, rinse, repeat.

Every now and then, you’ll run into a boss, once again, here comes a formula. 1) bad guy comes out. 2) boss shows his attack. 3) usually you have to dodge, then hit/throw something at them. 4) rinse, repeat. Each successive boss fights adds an new technique for step #3, so the first boss was 1 move, the 2nd was 2 moves.. etc…

I grew weary of the repetition. I think thats what killed it for me. the repetition. which is weird, since i love RPGs, i put countless hours into grinding in Borderlands, Final Fantasies and the such. RPGs are built on repetition. But there was something about the lack of reward for all the repetition as you played through the campaign. Every now and then you would get a chance to gain new abilities, but even then, there were some you were not allowed to get. Which means the game doles out the powers to you when it deems fit, not when you’ve done enough to deserve it. Therein lies my problem with it. In a RPG setting, if you use weapon x enough you’ll learn an ability, not when you get to a certain part in the games story. You can improve upon the skillset you have, and even learn new ones under a different class/job, while running around getting in various fights with lurking monsters and the sort.

On the plus side, there were some things i liked very much. I mentioned the combat system, it was pretty good, but i did not play it enough to find out if you get combos, ie  ‘x + b + a’ does this and ‘b + a + x” does something else. The stealth move batman had were pretty awesome. A few takedown options, one as simple as approaching from behind and knocking the bad guy out. My favorite was grabbing the guy and tying him upside down from a gargoyle.

How can it be approved? well, i dunno. One improvement i would like to see, but this is one i have with most video games is: more options, more room. You tended to get stuck in a certain area, and can not get out until you get rid of all the bad guys. Nothing wrong with that mind you. Its just, why can’t i get outside the warehouse, and drop in through the skylight? Batman would/could do that. Instead, i’m stuck lurking in the rafters. I want to have enough room to set up the takedowns the way i like, the way i think batman would do it.

Batman: Arkham Asylum got really close to being a really good batman game. Its good, definitely worth a play, but i would suggest renting/borrowing instead of buying. There is just not enough here to keep you playing.

LOST : crackpot theories + more : The Substitute

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

So, last week’s episode “The Substitute” provided a lot of insight, but still few concrete answers.  I have a few ideas that I’m tossing around and waiting to see if they pan out.  I’ll list them here on a weekly basis, or as they develop.  Minor spoilers may occur in the form of revealing the title of next week’s LOST episode.

  • When FLocke (faux Locke, man in Locke, etc.) and Sawyer are in the cave, FLocke points out that he is unsure if the name Kwon written on the wall refers to Jin or Sun.  I think it refers to Jin, because no other women’s names are listed on the cave.  I suspect that for whatever role the LOSTies are auditioning for, it has to be fulfilled by a male.
  • The discussion between FLocke and Richard Alpert reveals that Richard is somewhat clueless about the activities that Jacob is conducting on the island, even though Richard has been the very person in charge of these activities at times.  FLocke had previously gone out of his way to mention to Richard that it was nice to see him out of chains.  Perhaps Richard is actually Jacob’s indentured servant and serves to do his bidding.
  • If Richard could potentially be Jacob’s indentured servant, then maybe the smoke monster is Man in Black’s / Esau’s indentured servant, instead of a physical reincarnation of him.
  • If Man in Black is occupying FLocke’s body, what happened to him to cause him to need to be reincarnated in physical human form?
  • Eloise Hawking was adamant that in order for Jack and the other LOSTies to return to the island, the dead body of John Locke had to go with them.  Technically Jacob was alive at this time.  Did Eloise know that the Smoke Monster needed a body to occupy?  Has Eloise Hawking, formerly a leader of the Others, turned her back against the island and joined the side of Man in Black?
  • Off the island, Eloise Hawking was eventually put in charge of “The Lamp Post”, a Dharma station located in the basement of a church in Los Angeles.  Next week’s episode is titled “The Lighthouse”, could this somehow correlate with the return of Eloise Hawking?
  • Charles Widmore, now exiled from the island, has an on-going rivalry with Ben, who worked for Jacob.  Does this mean that Charles Widmore, and potentially Eloise Hawking, worked for the Man in Black/Esau?
  • FLocke told Sawyer that he was once a man who experienced betrayal.  Was Man in Black overthrown by Jacob?  This would be in line with the literal translation of the biblical story of Jacob and Esau.  Jacob used a goat’s fur to trick his father into believing he was Esau, and subsequently inherited his father’s wealth.
  • The ladder that FLocke and Sawyer climb down could be representative of Jacob’s ladder in the Bible.  If this is the case, the ladder has been said to be the link between Heaven and Earth.  Maybe the island is Heaven/Eden, therefore allowing it to hold mystical properties, and FLocke and Sawyer, now having descended the ladder, are returning to Earth.
  • In the cave, FLocke specifically points out 6 male names on the wall: 23 – SHEPHARD,” “8REYES,” “16JARRAH,” “42 – KWON,” “4-LOCKE,” 15 – FORD.”  FLocke then proceeds to cross out Locke’s name on the wall, which leave 5 potential candidates.  In the Bible, Esau had 5 sons.  Although FLocke says Jacob had a thing for numbers and originally wrote those names on the cave to bring them to the island, maybe Man in Black / Esau is recruiting his potential sons to reclaim his birthright (similar to what happens in the book of Jubilees http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esau).
  • The young boy with blood on his hands could be 1) Aaron 2) Young Jacob.

Ok, that’s pretty much all I got for this week.  Stay tuned!

geronimo jack’s beard

Thursday, February 18th, 2010


so, in the beginning i wasn’t very fond of this podcast, but now i think it’s rad. check it out. i’ll put my 2 cents in soon.