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It took me so long…

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

but i finally discovered  Earthbound.

i know. i remember seeing it everywhere video games were sold when i was a kid. i didn’t know what it was, and i wasn’t into RPGs then so i never tried it out.

Time goes by and tastes change. Now, i love RPGs. i love grinding. i love going into a battle. I had played ‘Dragon Warrior’ when i was younger, and never quite got into and continued to ignore RPGs until Final Fantasy 7 came out.

Final Fantasy 7 got alot of people into RPGs. I saw friends who were only into Tony Hawk and fighting games get totally engrossed in playing it. Hell, at the time i was only into fighting/racing games and i got into Final Fantasy.

I was out of town for a few days and spending alot of time in the car. Perfect RPG playing conditions. The perfect time to start this game i keep hearing about ALL the time when subjects such as ‘best RPGs ever’ come up. I was glued.

From the get go i could tell it was going to be a little different from your average RPG. Earthbound tended to be a little more whimsical and light hearted. The enemies had funny names: rowdy mouse, ramblin evil mushroom, and my favorite – new age retro hippy. Yes, you get attacked by hippies in the game. You called you dad to save the game, and you even called your mom when you started getting homesick, and yes being homesick actually affected  your character ability to fight.

You carry weapons such as baseball bats, fry pans, yo-yos, and slingshots. You use items such as pizzas, sandwiches and protein drinks. You help bands, rid towns of zombies, and fight UFOs.

Need i say more?

Also, when it comes down to RPGs, this is rather challenging, you NEED to grind in this game. You can’t just go fight the boss, go to the next area, and rinse/repeat. There was a point where i couldn’t even survive the little fights you get into on your way to the boss.

So, yea, i wanna wrap up this game so i can go on to some of the other RPGs i’ve missed. My Chrono Trigger save was stolen along with my wii, so i will have to start it up again, and then tackle some of the Final Fantasies i missed… in particular the with the ‘espers’.

hey fatso, what chu playin?

Monday, January 4th, 2010

(post crimmis edition)

ah man, its been a couple weeks since i’ve talked about this… lets see… we’ll break it down by system again.

Modern Warfare 2
– i know, i know, “but fatty, your not into the realistic military stuff!” I’m usually not, but you know what made this game totally addicting? the lil RPG/character building aspects of the game. I love leveling up, both my guy, and the weapons i used. At the time of writting, i’m at level 69 (out of 70), most of my perks are Pro, except for two i’m working on right now.

I love creating my own mix of weapons/equipment/perks. I love running around ninja status with two sawed off shotguns in hand, blasting the poor chumps that decided to stop and look out the window, or who thought they were being sneaky hiding up that quiet corner. I found i love sneaking around the back of the battle and taking the team out one by one, silently. Its so visceral and heart pounding… its been a while since a game has made my heart rate/adrenaline rise like that… since Left 4 Dead.

I’ll explain why later, but the only thing i don’t like about the game is some of the people playing online. Some talk shit just to talk shit, others get pissed when you beat em, other have no sense of irony when they get their ass handed to them by a guy called ‘MrAlecBaldwin’. Either way, its makes you want to just stop playing for a while.

Borderlands – I took a break from this one for a while, but decided to give it a play when i had started to get a string of hate messages from agro MW2 players who couldn’t handle being beaten by a Baldwin brother. So, Borderlands… yea, fun, what can i say?

character building? check. Tons of weapons? check. Good multiplayer? check.

i love it, i’ve got 1 of each charcter going, my favorite so far is either the hunter or siren. The soldiers turret, and healing abilities are really good though. a fellow player who i’ve been doing co-op with has a completely leveled out soldier, and you even get ammo restored when you in proximity to him, RAD!

I’ve also dipped my toes into some Forza 3, Left 4 Dead 2 (still frustrating) and some Geometry Wars 2 (i’m sooo horrible at that game).

ModNation Racers Beta
– its finally here. its pretty good. I like it. I’m going to buy it when the full version comes out. There was some technical hickups at first, and not much to do right now, but pretty good.

PixelJunk Shooter – if you’ve got a PS3 and don’t have this, joo has some prollems. the title doesnt do it justice, yes, your in a ship that goes PEW PEW PEW! but thats not the end of it, thats not even half of it. You rescue lost scientists/researchers, and you get to play around with magma and water, which is even better than the shooting part of the game. so much fun. words useless, only play will do.

Thats about it, hopped into some GT5 Prologue, GT5 time trial demo, Last Guy, and Wipeout HD also.

I didnt spend too much time with anything, but i did get some N+ time in, as well as some more Scribblenauts and puzzle bobble/bust-a-move with the Misses.