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Gran Turismo vs Forza Motorsports: final… for now.

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

So. I’ve FINALLY had some time with Gran Turismo 5.

I’ve also come to a decision on which one is best (as of 2010).

Forza 3 wins.

wha! whu? yea. I said it. Forza wins, Gran Turismo is finally dethroned (in my head that is).

Yes, GT5 has some amazing graphics. Beautiful tracks. Great looking cars. Are they better than Forzas, yes, but not by much.

GT5 claims 1000 cars, Forza has just over 500 cars. seems like alot is missing right? yea kinda. But do you really want to race a Volkswagen Kubelwagen? no. Toyota Prius? no, oh well theres still 3 of them in Gran Turismo.

maybe you like civics? theres 16 of them. Does anybody need 16 civics to race? ….Forza 3 has 6.

oh lets race our Mazda Miatas? Gran Turismo has 22. Forza 3 has 3. In all reality, who need 22 different Miatas? is anyone really buying a game based on the Miatas in the game. None. That’s the problem with stating numbers with out context, it doesn’t take into effect the amount of duplicate cars. Yes, i understand, cars evolve over time, and change. But highlight the keys years, not EVERY iteration of the car.

Another thing about the cars. GT5 is a Museum where Forza 3 is a garage. In GT5 you can look at the cars, some you can touch but thats it. In Forza if the cars in the proverbial ‘garage’ its yours to do what you want with it. Dont like the paint job, change it. Dont like the rims? change it. In Gran Turismo there are tons of cars that are locked. Paint job locked. Rims locked. In Forza you can create CRAZY custom graphics and logos on the cars. look it up. its crazy.

Dont take me wrong, its amazing that they took the time to catalog and recreate all of the cars that they did for Gran Turismo 5. But I, personally, do not want to drive half of the cars in Gran Turismo, where as, with Forza, i want most of them. I gotta say, Forza 3 feels more currated.

This, for me was a real toss up. Both contain standard, real life courses. Great. But both games have not-real courses that i love too much to give up. Gran Turismo has Grand Valley and Trial Mountain. Two of my Forza favorites are Maple Valley and Sunset Peninsula.

so, tied.

Gran Turismo has been the same since the first game came out in the late 90s. There has been no innovation. Each GT has had the same reoccuring races in each game, the same events. Another big disappointment, there is just not that many ‘career’ events to do in GT5. Forza has a race for almost every single car in the game.

Finally, License tests still? what. the. fuck. the most boring and tedious part of Gran Turismo Life.

Digital Polyphony, i love you, but its time to take a look in the mirror. Lets cut that car list in half , How about the ability to paint EVERY ONE of our cars? Lets give the player a chance to create the cars they want. Hey, maybe i could also not be locked into the same racing suit? variety. it s a spice of life.

Turn 10, keep up the good work. I can has 2002tt nao?

Hey Fatso, What chu playin? (been a long time edition)

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Oh man. what up!

well, i got a full time job, and its rad, and i love it and i haven’t had time to update this thing. But things are settling down, so updates will start rolling in on the regular basis like they were before.



big list, its been a while…

Xbox 360 – Not a whole lot, a lil Forza 3,  and some Super Street Fighter IV.

Playstation 3 – Wow, i had to dust this thing off, but damn is there some good games to play on it. First things first…

Modnation Racer
Step aside Mario Kart, this is the next step in kart racers. Very similar handling as mario kart, including controlable drifting, and the ability to do tricks while in the air to get some boost. Weapons, yes, but in a different way. First, theres not so many of them, but each weapon has 3 levels. Each level either increases the severity or how many opponents it hits, and if you hold the button down, it will drop the item as a mine, which is great for when you gotta hold down 1st place.

Track wise, there is a pretty good amount to begin with and if thats not enough, a VERY INSANELY AWESOME track editor is available, giving you the ability to create levels just as good, if not better than the ones that came with the game.

Another part of the game, and for me one of the top selling points: custom character/kart creation. Tons of parts for the cars, alot of ‘parts’ for the characters. Its great.

Its got pretty good online but ranked games are handled in a wonky way. When a ranked race is over you get bounced back to the ‘modspot’ (home) and you get an option to jump into another race, but you cannot keep racing with the people you just raced with unless you add them as friends, but even then, you can’t keep party together in ranked races.

Joe Danger
Take excitebike, update it and give it some definitely improved graphics. Its fun, you race, you run obstacle courses, you do tricks. its fun. download it.

Others: 3D Dot Hero, Wipeout HD, Shatter, and PixelJunk Shooter.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Its great. What else do you want to hear? More of the same, but the ‘same’ is awesome. Some great levels so far, and some really good boss battles, my favorite so far has been the space dragon thing.

Bit.Trip Runner – Its another really good Bit.Trip game, and like all the other Bit.Trip games – i suck at it, they’re hard man.

Light Trax – Its a conceptual racer, you control a line going through a course, and you hop from lane to lane, two lines cannot occupy the same lane at the same time. You build boost by being next to another line, so there’s incentive to staying with the pack.

others: Tatsunoko VS. Capcom

Other Console/Portable: Picross 3D (DS), Super Mario World (snes), Mario Bros 3 (nes).

in the immortal words of Ferris Bueller…

Thursday, March 18th, 2010
Hori Real Arcade Pro EX SE

Hori Real Arcade Pro EX SE

“It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

Hey Fatso, what chu playin? 2.22.10

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

without any further ado… what chu playin.

xbox 360

Darwinia+ – I have been waiting for this to come out, and am so happy it finally has. The name is misleading since its actually two games in one… Darwinia and Multiwinia. I’m not so much a fan of Darwinia, but Multiwinia is incredibly fun. Its a pretty simple RTS (real time strategy) with a few different types of gameplay. Domination has you capturing bases until the other team is gone, or time runs out. Rocket Race has you capturing solar arrays to refuel your rocket, then racing to fill it up before the enemy team destroys your rocket. Capture the Statue is your basic capture the flag, except this time around its a giant statue that requires alot of your soldiers to get back to your scoring area. Theres a few others, including a king of the hill game thats pretty fun to play.
– gotta get some more characters leveled up for the new DLC, as well as finishing up Zombie Island.
Dirt 2 – kinda cool, havent had to much time with it, but it seems to be a solid racer thats not quite simulation, yet no where near arcade status.

Honorable mention: Modern Warefare 2

Playstation 3

Katamari Forever – like the titles says, you’ll be playing this forever, and listening to the soundtrack when your not playing it.

Honorable mentions: Wipeout HD, Noby Noby Boy


The Wii has been infection with the Retro Virus since most Wii games are junk (not all, just most).

Final Fantasy III (VI) (SNES) – I love it, magic, machines. Great.
Super Mario World (SNES) – its there, so, you know, you gotta.

Honorable Mentions: Super Dodgeball (NES), Sonic 1/2/3 (Genesis), River City Ransom (NES)

Batman: Close, but not quite.

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

I got Batman: Arkham Asylum from gameFly a few days ago. I was stoked. It got good reviews, a few friends told me it was on the up and up. I got it, fired it up, played it for a lil while, then stopped.

I came back to it the next day, played it some more, and after that just didn’t have any desire to play it any more. I loved how the hand to hand combat was set up. After a while though, it just turned into “mash X until i see the thunder bolts, then mash Y, and after that go back to mashing X. Oh and wiggle the joystick a lil.”

As you moved through the facility you tended to approach it in a similar manner. heres the process: 1) Walk into facility. 2) Walk down a hall/through a room. 3) find a couple of unarmed bad guys to beat. 4) go into another room which then turns it into a stealth mission. 5) beat the room, explore/examine. 6) leave room, rinse, repeat.

Every now and then, you’ll run into a boss, once again, here comes a formula. 1) bad guy comes out. 2) boss shows his attack. 3) usually you have to dodge, then hit/throw something at them. 4) rinse, repeat. Each successive boss fights adds an new technique for step #3, so the first boss was 1 move, the 2nd was 2 moves.. etc…

I grew weary of the repetition. I think thats what killed it for me. the repetition. which is weird, since i love RPGs, i put countless hours into grinding in Borderlands, Final Fantasies and the such. RPGs are built on repetition. But there was something about the lack of reward for all the repetition as you played through the campaign. Every now and then you would get a chance to gain new abilities, but even then, there were some you were not allowed to get. Which means the game doles out the powers to you when it deems fit, not when you’ve done enough to deserve it. Therein lies my problem with it. In a RPG setting, if you use weapon x enough you’ll learn an ability, not when you get to a certain part in the games story. You can improve upon the skillset you have, and even learn new ones under a different class/job, while running around getting in various fights with lurking monsters and the sort.

On the plus side, there were some things i liked very much. I mentioned the combat system, it was pretty good, but i did not play it enough to find out if you get combos, ie  ‘x + b + a’ does this and ‘b + a + x” does something else. The stealth move batman had were pretty awesome. A few takedown options, one as simple as approaching from behind and knocking the bad guy out. My favorite was grabbing the guy and tying him upside down from a gargoyle.

How can it be approved? well, i dunno. One improvement i would like to see, but this is one i have with most video games is: more options, more room. You tended to get stuck in a certain area, and can not get out until you get rid of all the bad guys. Nothing wrong with that mind you. Its just, why can’t i get outside the warehouse, and drop in through the skylight? Batman would/could do that. Instead, i’m stuck lurking in the rafters. I want to have enough room to set up the takedowns the way i like, the way i think batman would do it.

Batman: Arkham Asylum got really close to being a really good batman game. Its good, definitely worth a play, but i would suggest renting/borrowing instead of buying. There is just not enough here to keep you playing.

It took me so long…

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

but i finally discovered  Earthbound.

i know. i remember seeing it everywhere video games were sold when i was a kid. i didn’t know what it was, and i wasn’t into RPGs then so i never tried it out.

Time goes by and tastes change. Now, i love RPGs. i love grinding. i love going into a battle. I had played ‘Dragon Warrior’ when i was younger, and never quite got into and continued to ignore RPGs until Final Fantasy 7 came out.

Final Fantasy 7 got alot of people into RPGs. I saw friends who were only into Tony Hawk and fighting games get totally engrossed in playing it. Hell, at the time i was only into fighting/racing games and i got into Final Fantasy.

I was out of town for a few days and spending alot of time in the car. Perfect RPG playing conditions. The perfect time to start this game i keep hearing about ALL the time when subjects such as ‘best RPGs ever’ come up. I was glued.

From the get go i could tell it was going to be a little different from your average RPG. Earthbound tended to be a little more whimsical and light hearted. The enemies had funny names: rowdy mouse, ramblin evil mushroom, and my favorite – new age retro hippy. Yes, you get attacked by hippies in the game. You called you dad to save the game, and you even called your mom when you started getting homesick, and yes being homesick actually affected  your character ability to fight.

You carry weapons such as baseball bats, fry pans, yo-yos, and slingshots. You use items such as pizzas, sandwiches and protein drinks. You help bands, rid towns of zombies, and fight UFOs.

Need i say more?

Also, when it comes down to RPGs, this is rather challenging, you NEED to grind in this game. You can’t just go fight the boss, go to the next area, and rinse/repeat. There was a point where i couldn’t even survive the little fights you get into on your way to the boss.

So, yea, i wanna wrap up this game so i can go on to some of the other RPGs i’ve missed. My Chrono Trigger save was stolen along with my wii, so i will have to start it up again, and then tackle some of the Final Fantasies i missed… in particular the with the ‘espers’.