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DIY: BMO & Fionna Sword from Adventure Time

Monday, October 29th, 2012

This year the BF and I are dressing up as Finn & Fionna from Adventure Time for Halloween.  I decided to get creative with my props and went to town with cardboard and tempera paint.  Here are some step by step pictures of the process for making my pink Fionna sword and BMO!

Materials Needed: masking tape, scissors, primary tempera paint colors, paint brushes, pencil, black permanent marker

Fionna’s Sword

Fionna from Adventure Time has a pink sword, but after realizing that it’s not sold anywhere in stores I decided to make my own.  Luckily, we have a lot of cardboard on hand from our monthly CSA vegetable box.  Making the sword was easier than expected because last month’s box came with vertical inserts.  I trimmed the end of one insert into the point of a sword and cut triangles along the side for details.  For the hilt, I trimmed down the other vertical insert and then made a slit in the middle until I could slide the “blade” through.  Aim for a snug fit, but don’t be too worried if it’s loose, the paint will dry the sword in place.

I only had primary colors, so I mixed white and red in a bowl to make pink.  Note that you only need to add a few drops of white to a primary color to lighten it up.  I also added a drop of blue because red and white made a Pepto Bismol pink.  Dip your brush and paint!

The sword needed about two coats of paint.  I’m sure I could have primered the coat white but it was a warm day and it dried pretty quickly to allow for an extra coat.


To make BMO I had to trim a pre-existing box into a smaller shape.  I carefully lined the edges of my new box with masking tape.  I mixed green, a few drops of blue, and a few drops of white to get his teal color.

I reaaaaaaally should have primered this box white, especially because it had writing on it, but I got super lucky that it was warm and the coats dried fast, allowing me to do multiple coats.

After BMO’s initial teal coat dried, I added a few more drops of white paint to the lighten the mixture for his face.  I then outlined his buttons with a pencil.  Because I didn’t primer, the buttons did need a few coats.

BMO and Fiona’s sword drying.

When it came time to outlining the buttons and detailing BMO’s name on the side, I used a permanent black marker.  It was super easy to work with and wrote on the dried tempera paint really well.

And there you have it!  BMO and Fionna’s pink sword using tempera paint and cardboard!

LOST finale party

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

just a few pics from our LOST finale party.  what a great time.  what a great show.

LOST : impressions + crackpot theories : Ab Aeterno

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Ahhhh, what can I say that practically everyone else already has?  This was definitely one of the best episodes of LOST overall, most definitely my favorite one this season.  Thoughts and crackpot theories ahead, spoilers!!!


– When Jacob goes to see Illana, he’s wearing all black.

– Illana says she is there to protect the candidates who seem to be Jack, Hurley, Sun, and possible Frank.

– When Illana asks Richard what to do, his reply to her and the others is that they’re all dead and in hell.  He says that “none of this is what it seems”.

– Richard’s backstory/flashback takes place on the Canary Islands in 1867.  There is a legend in the Canary Islands that an eighth, mysterious island existed named, St. Brendan’s Island.  Although many people sought to find the island, including Columbus, only a handful of accounts exist of anyone having visited it.  Most of the accounts include having found it by accident in a storm.

– Richard says he is going to save his wife.

– The medicine that will save is her is white.

– The priest who visits Richard in jail says that he can’t forgive him his sins.  Jacob later tells Richard he can’t forgive them either.

– The priest tells Richard that the devil awaits him in hell.  The next place he visits is the island.

– On the ship, another slave tell Richard when he sees land that he also sees the devil.  He says the island is being guarded by the devil.  What the slave saw was the complete statue of Taweret, goddess of Egyptian childbirth and fertility.  Two noteworthy items about Taweret: 1) She was the wife of Apep, the original god of evil, and the concubine of Set, the god of darkness, storms, and chaos.  Despite her direct associations with evil, she herself was regarded as benevolent.  2) The items in Taweret’s hand are the Sa, the symbol of protection, and an Ankh, the symbol of life which could also be used as a knife to threaten evil spirits.

– The smoke monster intervened before Richard was killed by the captain, and subsequently inspected him, perhaps debating on whether or not to kill him before leaving the ship.

– When the apparition of Isabella appears to Richard, she says that they are both dead and in hell.  She also says the smoke monster is the devil.

– The Man in Black comes to Richard, and when he asks if he’s in hell he says yes to Richard.

– The Man in Black says the only way to escape hell is to kill the devil.  He then proceeds to give him the same dagger and speech that Dogen gave to Sayid, warning him to kill Jacob before he can speak because he’s very convincing.

– The Man in Black says that the devil took his body, and his humanity.

– Jacob speaks before Richard can kill him, the same way Locke spoke before Sayid could kill him.

– Jacob confirms Richard is not dead, but doesn’t confirm that he’s not in hell.

– Jacob dunks Richard into the water 4 times, symbolizing a baptism.

– Jacob says about the remaining Taweret statute where he lives that no one can come in unless he invites them in.

– Jacob says that he brought the ship to the island, as he has done similarly with others, and that once they arrive on the island their past does not matter.

– Jacob elects Richard to mediate between him and the people he brings to the island.

– When Hurley helps Richard to communicate with Isabella, she is the only one who can finally forgive him.

– Jacob tells the Man in Black that as long as he’s alive he isn’t going anywhere.  Furthermore if the Man in Black kills him, someone else will take his place.

– Isabella’s final message to Richard is to stop the Man in Black or else they’re all going to hell.

Crackpot Theories

– The slave next to Richard that the island is guarded by the devil.  Figuratively speaking it’s guarded by Tawaret, the wife of the devil, but literally it’s guarded by Jacob.  Is Jacob really the purely good on the island?

– Richard says he was touched by Jacob.  On the Black Rock, however, he was touched by the Man in Black for a significantly longer time.  Does this represent the good and evil side in all of us?

– Jacob says that on the island, no one’s past matters, and he also indicates that everyone has free will and the capacity to sin and to do good simultaneously.

– We still don’t have the name of the Man in Black.  I think the plot is leaning more towards the idea that the Man in Black and Jacob are one in the same, but merely two versions of each other.  Two sides to the same coin, per se.

Ok that’s all I’ve got for this week, can’t wait for the next episode!

LOST : 1st impressions : Dr. Linus

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Here are my first impressions and some thoughts after watching Dr. Linus.  Spoilers ahead.

– In the opening scene of the alternate reality, Ben is lecturing about the island ELBA that Napolean was exiled to.

– Ben remarks that the loss of power is worse than exile and says that Napolean should “just as well have been dead” without his power.

– While the story of Napolean’s struggle with a loss of power parallels Ben’s story, it also closely parallels the story of Man in Locke, who lamented to Sawyer that he had been betrayed and wanted to go home (presumably off island).

– In the alternate reality Locke is referred to as the “substitute”.  On the island the Smoke Monster is a substitute for Locke.

– In the alternate reality Ben is tempted to overthrow the leader (principal), similar to his on-island quest to overthrow the pre-existing powers.

– In the alternate reality the reoccurring theme of father/son issues is presented with Ben’s dad being alive.

– Ben’s father says he wished more for Ben and regrets having left the island.

– In the alternate reality Alex is alive, but she is Ben’s student.

– On the island, Jack and Hurley encounter a distraught Richard who finally explains that his eternal youth is a result of being touched by Jacob.  Richard says that initially he percieved it to be a gift, but now feels it is a curse.

– Richard says he needs to die but can only do so if Jack kills him.

– Richard leads Jack and Hurley to the Black Rock where he looks at his chains.  Man in Locke previously told him it was good to finally see him out of chains.

– Ultimately, Richard is unable to be killed by the dynamite he ignited, similar to how Michael was unable to be killed by a gun or car accident because he had not yet filled his purpose.

– Jack tells Richard they must go back to where they started.  At the end of the show Jack, Richard, and Hurley end up on the beach where the Oceanic Survivors first settled.

– On the island Ben accuses Miles of blackmailing him.  In the alternate reality, Ben uses blackmail in an attempt to take over the principal’s  job.

– In the alternate reality, Ben wants to be hired as the principal’s replacement.  On the island Man in Locke proposes that Ben replace Jacob as the protector of the island, because he and a group are leaving it.

– Man in Locke tells Ben that the island needs protecting.  Previously, Man in Locke told Sawyer that the island didn’t need protection and the illusion that it did was a big joke.

– In the alternate reality, Ben is propositioned with the opportunity to have power at the expense of Alex’s happiness.  However, this time around Ben chooses Alex’s happiness over his chance at leadership.

– Charles Widmore appears in a submarine in the final scene, but is not interested in the people on the beach and proceeds to another location.  Possibly the Hydra station?

– Ilana tells Sun there are 6 candidates left.  At the closing scene there are 7 people other than Ilana on the beach (Richard, Jack, Hurley, Ben, Miles, Frank, Sun).

Ok, that’s all I’ve got so far!  Crackpot theories to follow, although I think my initial crackpot theory that the Losties will have to die to make their alt reality come true might be on track!

LOST : impressions + crackpot theories : Sundown

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

So unfortunately I haven’t had as much time to devote to LOST this week (you know, finals and all), so here are some of my impressions, thoughts, and crackpot theories on the Sundown episode.  SPOILERS ahead.


– LOST has used the reoccurring color theme of black and white throughout all 6 seasons.  In the episode Sundown, Sayid’s main color themes are purple and yellow.  Purple is often associated with royalty and nobility but in Christianity it is often used during the Lenten season to symbolize pain, suffering, and torture.  Yellow on the other hand is often used to symbolize friendship.

– Sayid accuses Dogen of sticking him with needles, which is the same accusation Claire made of the Others.

– In both realities, Sayid is pressured to cause harm to someone on the behalf of someone else, however in the alternate reality Nadia begs Sayid not to.

– According to Dogen, Sayid has to prove that there is good left in his soul by doing something bad.

– When the Smoke Monster appears to Sayid, his non-human form is wind instead of his traditional smoke form.

– Dogen instructs Sayid to kill Man in Locke before he can even say anything or else it will be too late.  Before Sayid has a chance to stab Man in Locke, Man in Locke says “Hi, Sayid”.

– The story of Dogen and his son is another example of the “father issues” that we see among the male characters in LOST.

– Dogen describes to Sayid the bargain that he made with Jacob to keep his son alive.  Man in Locke offers Sayid a similar bargain if he can carry out his bidding.

– It seems that everyone (and not just Jack) on the island was in some way broken and in need of being fixed.

crackpot theories

– Jacob approached most of the Losties and Others at vulnerable times in their life.  He directly propositioned Dogen to come to the island to protect  it in exchange for keeping his son alive.  The consequence, however, would be that Dogen would never get to see his son again.

– Man in Locke is making similar propositions to the Losties and Others (although more forcefully) by promising to give them everything they ever need in exchange for their loyalty.

– The 2 Losties whose lives still appear troublesome and painful so far are Sayid and Kate.  Both Sayid and Kate were on the side of Man in Locke at the end of the show.

– Man in Locke told Richard in a previous episode that it was “nice to see him out of chains”, maybe Richard is an indentured servant to Jacob in exchange for his freedom.

– The 2 Losties exempt from the chaos at the Temple thus far are Jack and Hurley.  Jack’s last name is Shepherd and Hurley’s is Reyes, which means King in Spanish.  Perhaps both of them have some elevated status above the other Losties.

– I think that ultimately the Losties are going to have to buy into Man in Black in order to make their alternate realities come true.  However, as most sneaky bargains go, they are disillusioned into believing they will get what they want but in the end the compromise of their reality will be bitter sweet, as was Sayid’s.

Okay, that’s all I got for this week!

LOST : fav recaps and podcasts

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

best recaps:

best week ever : snarky and LOST, my 2 fav combos

jezebel : These ladies are on it. Great analysis of the Chopin piece!

videogum : more LOST, more fun!


jay and jack’s lost podcast : This podcast mainly focuses on listener theories and feedback.  Awesome!

geronimo jack’s beard : Jorge Garcia and his girlfriend host a great podcast that was recorded when he first started filming the final season.  No spoilers, podcasts are based on the script Jorge was given and are posted after the episode airs to provide insight only.