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Back unto the Breach.

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Social Media really took off eh? yea, i got really caught up in it for a while. But its too bite sized, and i was finding my ideas and thoughts were a bit too big for 140 characters, not interesting to any of my friends on Facebook, or something i wanted to expose myself to the SJW hordes on Tumblr.

if only i had a place to post articles, no matter how long (or short), or what the content is – no ones gonna report me (this is hosted off of my server after all).

so, i’m coming back to blogging, a lots happened since my last posts. I’m way into RC now. From airplanes, helicopters and most importantly, multirotors. I still read, and watch tons of movies – no TV, sorry duders. Some video games every now and then, but when you fly FPV, video games seem a lil boring.

We’re Back yo!

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

sorry, things have been hectic around ipso/fatso HQ and i havent had time to trouble shoot whats been going wrong with this site (database issues screwing up passwords).

but we’re back, and will be posting regularly.